Grow Your Potential


Cash: the most important input.

The trick to farming is that it’s a cash business.

Many farmers have the knowledge and ability to run more profitable operations but they lack the working capital to run their farms the way they want. They end up missing discounts on inputs, getting buried under debt and using stop-gap measures. They make decisions based on today’s cash needs rather than what they know is best.

What if you could run your farm the way you want?

Imagine if you had the opportunity to run your farm the way you want to. Imagine if you had access to enough cash to run your farm the right way. There are probably a lot of things you would do differently. You would buy inputs when you could get the best price instead of when you could afford them. You would sell when the market was best not when you needed the cash. You would apply fungicides to protect your crop rather than pray you won’t need them.

You don’t need to win the lottery, inherit a fortune or get into debt at the bank to achieve that kind of cash flow. Input Capital Corp. can provide you with new tools to unlock your farming potential and achieve the freedom to make the best farming decisions.

Grow your potential with Input Capital.

Input Capital is an innovative new venture capital company focused on the ag sector. We are looking for ambitious, forward-thinking canola farmers to provide them with the cash and expertise they need to build the best, most profitable farms possible.

How does it work?

Each of our relationships with our farmer partners is unique but the basics are the same. We provide our canola-growing partners with interest-free operating capital and access to the latest science through professional agrologists in exchange for a canola streaming contract. It’s a win-win formula that allows you to play “in the big leagues” of modern farming without getting buried under debt.